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We can manufacture a full range of options for Juliet Balconies through to complete extended spaces that can provide outside space you can make the most of.

We provide a complete advisory service that will help to ensure you get a balcony that is designed to the highest specification.

Balconies can provide a true extension for your home that can become a great space for those sunny days and can provide additional storage under.

We offer a specialist service making and installing wrought projects range from ornamental cast railings to ecclesiastical railings as well as decorative house and garden panels and simple practical barriers. This often involves matching or replacing original railings. We manufacture these in our own factory and can install if required.

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"My experience with Designs in Steel can best be described as faultless. The service was courteous, prompt and within budget. I found the prices to be very competitive and the workmanship to be excellent. The range of product design is comprehensive, but the team are prepared to meet customers own designs and variations. All work is made to fit the customer’s requirements and given a superb finish, prior to installation. I have no hesitation in recommending Designs in Steel to anyone."

- Tom Hall, Rowlands Gill